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The Normal Heart

As you may have seen around New York City or on TV commercials, there is a new HBO movie about HIV/AIDS called The Normal Heart. This movie was created by Larry Kramer and stars Mark Buffalo as writer/activist Ned Weeks. I first heard about the film through a commercial. I was then reminded about it when I went [...]

Why I Walk

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my 2nd blog for Hyacinth AIDS Foundation. This week’s theme was Leadership. Last Thursday, I attended an AIDS Walk Team Leader Workshop where Team Coordinators, Aliah and Ali talked about how to fundraise between now and the Walk on May 18th. They covered everything there was to know about getting people [...]

Walking with Team Hyacinth

Welcome to the Hyacinth AIDS Foundation blog! My name is Catherine Iszard, and I have teamed up with Hyacinth to start this blog in hopes of creating a casual conversation between us and our supporters. We want everyone to know what is going on at Hyacinth, in New Jersey, and across the world to prevent [...]


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