Why I Walk

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my 2nd blog for Hyacinth AIDS Foundation. This week’s theme was Leadership. Last Thursday, I attended an AIDS Walk Team Leader Workshop where Team Coordinators, Aliah and Ali talked about how to fundraise between now and the Walk on May 18th. They covered everything there was to know about getting people involved, raising money, and the importance of this Walk.

That evening as I reflected on my day, I thought about the many organizations I’d volunteered for in the past and wondered what drew me to those various causes. I volunteered at a local hospital, but I did it to get a glimpse into what the medical profession was like. I gave out food to the homeless in Elizabeth to help a friend. I went abroad to Peru with my class to help build a school, but hiking in the Andes and meeting the locals were my highlights. What I’m trying to get at is: sometimes we don’t take a step back and ask ourselves why we do what we do. I pride myself on being truthful and realized my heart wasn’t always in the right place. Of course I helped because I wanted to be a good person, but deep inside I didn’t always have a passion or thrill for what I was doing.

That all changed when I watched the documentary about the early years of the AIDS epidemic called How to Survive a Plague. If you haven’t watched this film, then stop what you are doing and plan a Saturday night in to see it. It took me a few days to watch because the messages were so strong and the emotions I felt were overwhelming. But once you watch, you will want to do something to help, just like I did!

My mom’s best friend, otherwise known as Aunt Kimmy, has HIV. She has the strength of everyone I have met in my life and more. I admire this in her and I wanted to research more about HIV/AIDS to better understand what she’s had to deal with in the past 20 years since she tested positive.

I began to take a course where I researched the ins and outs of HIV/AIDS. Then I visited Hyacinth AIDS Foundation and began to volunteer there. Every Thursday I come in to talk, learn new things, and try to help out in any way that I can. This is where my passion is. I am happy to help Hyacinth fundraise and increase their social media presence so that others can know about the important work they do. And I hope to do more!

Remember, AIDS Walk New York is May 18th! We encourage you to raise money for Hyacinth AIDS Foundation, and think about why you’re supporting the AIDS Walk. The deadline to submit donations is June 13. If you’re not sure, then go ahead and watch How to Survive a Plague, and you will know why.


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