Wellness Navigator

The Wellness Navigator

The Navigator, under the supervision of the  Client Service Manager and Director of Clinical Services, conducts outreach to engage individuals in the program and provides support and assistance to assure that individuals in the program are able to continue their participation.


Duties include but are not limited to the following:

  •  Perform outreach activities at various community sites, and in collaboration with other outreach programs, to inform HIV-positive community members and service providers about the program.
  • Describe and inform the community and existing Agency Clients about how active involvement in “Wellness” may contribute to enhancing quality of life and staying healthy.
  • Coordinate and deliver monthly recreational actives to clients.
  • Provide peer support, outreach/follow-up, escort to assist individuals desiring to participate in the program in overcoming barriers to participation.   Help clients make and maintain the link to needed support services.
  • Accept referrals for the program from Hyacinth and other program staff, as per program guidelines; complete any assigned intake activities.
  • Assist in the planning and implementation of Wellness support activities.
  • Assist with any data collection/documentation requirements of the program.
  • Attend Monthly staff clinical with the Director of Clinical Services

Professional Responsibilities:

  • Attend and participate in staff meeting and supervisory conferences
  • Maintain working relationships with other community providers.
  • Observe established administrative procedures.
  • Maintain written documentation and assist with data collection as required.
  • Represent Hyacinth at community events, meetings, conferences and other events, as may be required.
  • Attend and participate in staff training opportunities.
  • Adhere to Hyacinth policies and procedures, including client confidentiality provisions.



  • High School diploma or equivalency and/or demonstrated skill in outreach and engagement; basic knowledge of HIV issues and sensitivity to the needs and issues of persons living with HIV.   
  • Ability to communicate effectively with cultural competence with service providers and clients.
  • Commitment to Hyacinth philosophy, to the concept of Wellness and to client empowerment.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds and interests.
  • Proficiency in written and verbal communication; fluency in Spanish is desirable, but not required.
  • Access to a currently registered car and a valid driver’s license helpful, but not require





Client Services Consistently demonstrates respect, responsiveness, and professionalism towards others while providing superior service for our clients Team Work Actively cooperates within the region and/or program and participates in the constructive resolution of conflict.
  • Treats each client as a priority
  • Respect’s each client’s right to quality service, confidentiality and dignity.
  • Works with co-workers to ensure integration of services
  • Displays a welcoming, helpful attitude to clients
  • Processes personal boundary issues in clinical supervision and not with clients or co-workers.
  • Works to minimize agency gossip and drama
  • Tries to understand the other person’s point of view when there is a disagreement
  • Works with all regional staff to provide a full continuum of services to clients.
  • Understands local community resources and can make appropriate referrals.
  • Is clear and tactful when dealing with others.




Job Knowledge Demonstrates understanding of objectives, duties and responsibilities in accordance with the job description. Leadership Assuming responsibility for one’s own self in the workplace and exhibiting commitment to the client and agency.
  • Understands job responsibilities
  • Keeps current on skills and information needed to meet new challenges
  • Works with team leader/manager on areas of job responsibilities that are unclear.


  • Takes pride in his/her work
  • Advances Hyacinth’s reputation for excellence.
  • Incorporates boundaries and ethical guidelines into decision making.


Informing Disseminating relevant information about decisions, plans and activities to team leaders and supervisors.  
  • Informs team leaders and/or managers about decisions that affect work.
  • Recognizes problems and complaints and informs team leaders and/or managers when necessary.


Results Delivers quality results and balances priorities to meet all project and team commitments in a timely manner.
  • Serves as a steward of the public’s trust and money.
  • Takes responsibility for timely decisions and actions.
  • Routinely checks for accuracy in his/her own work.
  • Evaluates how well an event or program was done (i.e. attendance and target audience specifications, asks clients to rate effectiveness, asks people what was good and what can be better next time).

The Hyacinth AIDS Foundation is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer and will consider all qualified applicants without regard to sex, race, creed or religion, color, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, or veteran, sexual orientation or marital status.