Paterson PrEP Counselor

Paterson PrEP Counselor

Under the supervision of the Prevention and CTR Manager, the PrEP Counselor performs assigned duties related to the implementation and evaluation of the PrEP program. The PrEP Counselor will address the lack of education and acceptance of HIV anti-retroviral therapy as a prevention tool among clinical service providers and communities most at risk, with a specific focus on Gay and Bisexual Men (GBM) who are 18 years and older. The PrEP Counselor will establish and facilitate referral and service partnerships with community medical providers in Paterson and Passaic County. The PrEP Counselor will target Gay and Bisexual Men


Duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assess and address clients’ knowledge, attitudes and beliefs regarding PrEP.
  • Assessment of clients’ level of risk to determine appropriateness for PrEP.
  • Engage identified high-risk individuals in discussions regarding HIV risk reduction and all manner of PrEP information, to include at a minimum:
    • What is required of the client to ensure that PrEP is maximally effective;
    • The potential side effects of PrEP medication(s);
  • Schedule of medical follow-up visits for monitoring health status relative to possible side effects; and
  • Discussion of relationship situations when PrEP may no longer be appropriate.
  • Assess clients’ intentions to initiate and comply with a PrEP regimen.
  • Assess clients’ health insurance status.
    • Assist/refer clients with prior authorizations, insurance enrollment and pharmaceutical company assistance as needed.
  • Evaluate clients’ access to primary care providers.
  • Identify clients’ transportation needs.
  • Assist clients in the development of their adherence plan.
  • Provide sexual risk reduction counseling regarding HIV and STIs.
  • Monitor clients to ensure regimen adherence and clinical follow-up visits, which may include:
    • Appointment reminders using appropriate technology (texting, social media, interventions etc.)
    • Delivery of evidence-based strategies
  • Provide tracking and follow-up with the client and/or provider 90 days after initiation of PrEP.
  • Work collaboratively with clinical PrEP providers.
  • Monitor and evaluate PrEP program as directed by management.
  • Collect program data as needed.
  • Compile and report program results/indicators.
    • Number of clients provided education and counseling services.
    • Source of PrEP referral (partners of HIV+ clients, CBOs that serve the target population, word of mouth, private physicians, primary care clinics, STD clinics, etc.)

Professional Responsibilities:

  •  Ability to explain the goal of PrEP and importance of adherence.
  • Ability to explain the research that has demonstrated the effectiveness of PrEP and all the client behavioral factors associated with both the highest rates and reduced rates of PrEP effectiveness.
  • Ability to communicate with others empathetically and non-judgmentally.
  • Ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing with persons of multiple, diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to assess and address clients’ knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and intentions, and readiness to initiate PrEP.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills.
  • Proficient in the use of technology (computers, telephone, Smart Phones, etc.).


  • Commitment to Hyacinth philosophy
  • Must be knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS prevention with minority gay and bisexual men or other non-identified men who have sex with men.
  •  Must be culturally competent and sensitive to the varying socio-cultural factors that contribute to the increase of HIV infections among minority MSM.
  • Work non-traditional hour and days including late nights and weekends in order to reach high risk population.
  • Successful and demonstrated completion of NJDOH-DHSTS HIV Course Series including-HIV Basics, Client Centered Counseling, Risk Reduction Counseling, and HIV Counseling and Testing.
  • Associate degree and one year previous office experience. A candidate who has no degree but seems exceptionally suitable will be considered if he/she can demonstrate additional years of relevant office systems experience.
  • Candidate must have excellent oral presentation and writing skills.