“Leadership Hyacinth” Project

Our project, “Leadership Hyacinth,” is designed to raise the advocacy spirit and participation in advocacy efforts by staff, clients, and other stakeholders in HIV/AIDS policy. The program objectives will ensure that participants can use science-based evidence to speak competently on HIV/AIDS advocacy issues, present advocacy issues to policy makers through letters, e-mail, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings, and personalize the issues for the listener by telling personal anecdotes that illustrate the advocacy point being made.

Upon completion of the program, participants join Hyacinth’s Public Policy staff in the annual AIDSWatch advocacy—the largest annual constituent-based federal HIV/AIDS advocacy and education event in the United States.

Complete our online application if you would like to apply to the “Leadership Hyacinth” project.

For more information, contact Deloris Dockrey, Director of Community Organizing, at ddockrey@hyacinth.org.