New Jersey AIDS Partnership


The goal of the New Jersey AIDS Partnership is to help end the AIDS epidemic in New Jersey through support of innovative programs that address unmet needs and priorities. In service of this goal, we work in three strategic areas:


The Partnership works to secure and leverage funds and resources in support of effective interventions across the HIV Care Continuum. As funding for HIV and AIDS has declined, the Partnership works to identify and develop new resources to address HIV/AIDS in New Jersey.

Leadership and Advocacy

The Partnership works to develop community leadership and advocacy efforts.  The HIV epidemic is a complex and adaptive health and social problem that is seemingly intractable.  Such problems require cross-sector collaboration to address the myriad of problems that stem from the many fluctuating actors, conditions, and norms that drive the HIV/AIDS epidemic. No one agency, nor singular sector, can afford to believe in singular solutions.

Therefore, the Partnership is committed to working with leadership from all sectors – social and health, government and policy, private and philanthropic – to foster sustainable solutions to the HIV epidemic.


The Partnership seeks and fosters innovative solutions that help to prevent new infections and support engagement of people living with HIV across the HIV care continuum.

Established in 1988, the Partnership is co-convened by Hyacinth AIDS Foundation and the Community Foundation of New Jersey. It is a collaborative effort of corporate and private funders, public health officials, service providers, persons living with HIV and other concerned community leaders who believe that the disease is fought most effectively at the local level.

We also seek to empower community-based organizations and promote accurate public information about the disease.  In our nearly 20 years of grantmaking, the Partnership has awarded more than $5.34 million through 270 grants to community-based organizations across New Jersey.

For information about the ongoing work of the New Jersey AIDS Partnership, please contact Paula Toynton, M. Ed. at