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Prevention Manager Derrick Gibbs
Prevention Manager,
Derrick Gibbs

Unlike the early days of the epidemic, today we talk about the importance of getting a “timely diagnosis.” That means knowing you have HIV before you have symptoms. You don’t hear about it much in the news, but in the United States, someone is infected every 9 minutes and someone dies every 33 minutes from AIDS. No one has to die anymore. That’s the truth. The people who died either found out too late or they didn’t get into care. Our job is to bring this message to the community, along with the opportunity to get tested. We help people take control of their health. All of us must know our HIV status. And we should get tested whenever we think we might have been exposed to HIV. As much as I don’t want anyone to have HIV, the thought of having HIV and not knowing it, of missing an opportunity to prevent the harm that it can do to my body, is worse. Call our hotline at (800) 433-0254 to find out when and where you can get an HIV test.

Take some time right now to learn about HIV testing and how you can know your status.

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