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  • Looking back at 2016

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    Thank you for partnering with us in 2016!

    With your help, these are the things we accomplished this year:

    • provided medical care to 50 clients in Newark
    • tested 5,500 individuals for HIV
    • provided group mental health services to 200 individuals throughout our seven sites
    • prevented homelessness for 50 clients
    • traveled to Washington, D.C. with 10 clients to meet with New Jersey's entire Congressional delegation
    • and so much more....
    Together, we have taken steps to end this epidemic. We have worked with individuals at risk, and helped them to access effective prevention tools. We have helped individuals living with HIV to access the support services they need to stay engaged in medical care. And we continue to advocate for fair and responsible policies that will best serve the HIV community. We expect 2017 to be even busier. Together we will partner with you to ensure that funding for these critical services remains a priority. Together we will use every available resource to ensure access to healthcare for our most vulnerable clients. Thank you for all that you do - it's because of your generous support that we are able to do our work. Every gift - $25, $50, $100, $500, enables us to provide critical serves to those most in need. If you have not already done so, please consider making a tax-deductible gift today to help Hyacinth have a strong start in the new year.

    Click here to make a one-time or monthly gift.

    Thank you and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2017!

  • The Normal Heart

    As you may have seen around New York City or on TV commercials, there is a new HBO movie about HIV/AIDS called The Normal Heart. This movie was created by Larry Kramer and stars Mark Buffalo as writer/activist Ned Weeks. I first heard about the film through a commercial. I was then reminded about it when I went into the city to walk with Team Hyacinth at AIDS Walk New York, and again on a school trip; it seemed like there was an advertisement on every corner for The Normal Heart. The first thing that captured my attention was the title itself. In the context of HIV/AIDS it is a very powerful phrase. Read more

  • Why I Walk

    Hi Everyone! Welcome to my 2nd blog for Hyacinth AIDS Foundation. This week’s theme was Leadership. Last Thursday, I attended an AIDS Walk Team Leader Workshop where Team Coordinators, Aliah and Ali talked about how to fundraise between now and the Walk on May 18th. They covered everything there was to know about getting people involved, raising money, and the importance of this Walk. Read more


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