Professional Development

Here at Hyacinth, we are committed to community health and social service learning. We believe that through professional development, we can create partnerships throughout New Jersey to make the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy a reality for our communities. When we all understand the needs and challenges, we can create effective ways to increase access to care and improve the health of people living with, and who are at risk for, HIV.

Our mission is to provide community and professional learning experiences that inspire learners to foster healthy communities throughout New Jersey.

We are regarded nationally as experts in adult learning, active training, and instructional design. Participants of our programs consistently found the learning experience engaging and exciting and the facilitators to be experts in their fields. More than 90% of participants demonstrated increased knowledge. And most importantly, the experience had a significant impact on the participants’ HIV needs assessment and referral practices, thus increasing community access to HIV services.

If you would like to find out more about how you can participate in our professional training programs, contact our Senior Director of Education, Paula Toynton, at

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